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Chapter Word Count: 1,628||Story Word Count: 17,323||Chapter Count: 11/50
Notes: What Ken & Daisuke do is utterly consensual between the two of them. More explanations will come in due time.

“is it possible he’s lying?” Yuusuke murmured as they followed their erstwhile host through the corridors of the mansion. There was the faintest of prickling sensations on the back of his neck, a whisper of a mage’s instinct that told him something around here wasn’t right at all. That same sensation that led him to Piemon’s castle through the shadows in the first place now began to whisper that he’d gone off track, the bond that tied him and Honest together tugging him back the way that they’d come.

Akogimon regarded Demon thoughtfully, then gave a slight nod. It was possible. It wasn’t something they were going to discuss right now; Yuusuke understood that. But as soon as they reached a place where they could do so safely…

It wasn’t polite to discuss that one’s host might be lying, intentionally or not, more or less behind his back. Yuusuke didn’t entirely trust in Daisuke’s reasoning for why they wouldn’t be hurt, either. There were plenty of ways that something could happen to them on this trip where Demon wouldn’t be blamed for it, and he didn’t doubt that a demon knew a thousand of those ways, and probably more that Yuusuke himself hadn’t even thought about it.

He ticked through what he could work out for himself as they walked. Demon could be lying. It didn’t mean he was, just that the possibility existed. He wasn’t bound by anything to tell them the absolute truth, loyalty to Piemon or not. He might know of Honest’s whereabouts and not recognize him or not know them, but Honest could still be around there.

Too many questions, not enough answers, and no matter where he went, it seemed like no one could get him those answers, nor could he find them on his own. He met helpful people, but their help didn’t do anything.

He reined in his temper. They were helping. They were trying. He wasn’t being ignored. Honest needed him, he needed Honest, and he could feel that Honest was still around.

Angels can’t be killed easily. He and Honest would be reunited, he could not give up his hope for that.

But angels could be sent back to Heaven or wherever it was that they lived when not in the mortal plane. Demons knew how to do it fairly easily, and he’d not missed the fact that Piemon was a demon king with powerful demon servants and sons.

If anyone were going to hurt Honest, then he was right in the middle of those who were the most likely to do it. And yet they still helped him.

It didn’t sit entirely well with him but until he could find Honest himself, he had little other choice but to accept their assistance. At least they weren’t actively trying to keep them apart, so far as he could tell.

Which didn’t mean there weren’t things around he didn’t know. He was a shadow mage. He knew well how shadows and tricks could be used to deceive people. If that were going on now, then it wasn’t by magic.

I would know. He couldn’t shake the feeling that there was far more going on than he actually knew, but that was only to be expected. Piemon, his sons, retainers, and liege-folk hadn’t politely waited around for Yuusuke to enter their lives before having lives.

Demon stopped before a door. Why he chose their accommodations and guided them there, Yuusuke could only mark on the list of things that he didn’t know. “You’re welcome to wait in here while dinner is readied. There are rooms here suitable for both of you.”

Before Yuusuke could ask why he said ‘both’, Demon vanished: literally, between one moment and the next he was no longer there. Daisuke only rolled his eyes.

“Show-off,” he muttered, gesturing to Akogimon as he did. “He probably keyed it for one of you. Probably you, Your Highness.” There was a flash of a grin at the words, and not one jot of the respect that most people would’ve shown even to a second-born prince.

Akogimon rested one hand on a shimmering silver plate set in the wall beside the door and the door swung smoothly open as it did. Yuusuke followed the other two inside.

“Why would he not include you?” he asked Daisuke. There was something unutterably strange about this young man, an aura that Yuusuke hadn’t ever encountered before. Somewhat demonic, but not at all like Piemon or his sons, whose auras were diluted enough for Yuusuke to suspect they weren’t full demons.

Seeing demons who looked even remotely like humans wasn’t such a surprise. Demons could and did come in all shapes and sizes and forms. Power mattered far more than shape did.

But Daisuke still didn’t feel like a demon of any kind.

Daisuke just shrugged, though. “Legally in Piemon’s empire, I’m not a person. That’s why he won’t call me Akogimon’s consort, even though that’s pretty much what I am.”

That didn’t surprise Yuusuke, nor did the way Daisuke wrapped himself around Akogimon and touched their lips together. He’d already seen the way they looked at each other. This just added a level he’d suspected was there already. What caught his attention far more was what Daisuke actually said.

Why wouldn’t he be a person? Humans are people. Demons are people. Virtually every sentient species that Yuusuke knew of considered all the others people. How much they cared about them being people could vary but no one denied that they were people.

Leaving Daisuke and Akogimon to their enjoyment, he checked the suite they’d been assigned. This entryway room held sofas, chairs, and tables, all comfortably padded in pleasant neutral colors, with several doorways leading off from it. He checked them cautiously, unsurprised to find that they led to bedroom suites, each one with their own bathroom attached.

He’d certainly fallen into very good company with Piemon and his sons. He picked the farthest one and settled in, looking to get cleaned up before the summons to dinner arrived.

I think tonight I’ll cast my own scrying spell again. Maybe I’ll get a different result here. I can triangulate it with what Piemon’s said.

He refused to let a single chance to find Honest slip away.

Daisuke pulled them into one of the rooms in the suite once he saw Yuusuke picking one for himself. Akogimon – Ken – closed the door behind them and no sooner did he do so then Daisuke dragged them both over to the bed.

“I’ve been wanting this since we left,” Daisuke murmured, pulling Ken closer to him, words coming out between hungry kisses. “This is a bad one.”

Ken returned the kisses, hands easily finding those places on Daisuke that brought the most pleasure. “Don’t think about it,” he murmured. “I can give you plenty of other things to think about. Are you ready?”

Daisuke smiled, an expression that belied how much he wanted to just claw his way out of his own skin right now. Only one thing could put a halt to that, and luckily Ken knew exactly what that was and what to do. “Couldn’t be readier.”

Ken’s voice shifted slightly, an edge of sternness and command entering it. “Then on your knees.”

Daisuke kissed him one more time before obeying, sliding down onto his knees before his dearly loved prince. Ken tormented him for a few moments, just by stepping away and breaking the contact between them. Daisuke drew in an unsteady breath, one made better by Ken locking the door to make certain no one would bother them.

Then he stepped his way back to Daisuke, a slim silver-bladed knife in his hands, and started to methodically cut his clothes off. Daisuke’s breath came faster with each movement. Ken stopped just as he finished the last cut, in front of Daisuke now, and lifted his chin with one finger, staring down into Daisuke’s lust-blown eyes.

“Still ready?”

Daisuke liked to tease. Even better, he liked it when Ken teased him. So he nodded. That was all. Ken’s lips quirked briefly.

“It’s polite to use your voice when you answer me,” Ken reprimanded with a tiny thump of one finger on Daisuke’s forehead. “I might have to punish you if you don’t.”

Daisuke’s eyes glittered. “Promise?”

Ken tried not to smile. He wasn’t doing a good job of it at first, then he mastered himself. “Yes, I do indeed promise.” His voice kept that stern tone of command that sent such thrills all through Daisuke. “Now, I asked you a question and I want a proper answer. Are you still ready?”

Daisuke considered teasing again but that itch started to rise again and there wasn’t but one way to put paid to it. Ken wouldn’t continue if he didn’t get the right answer.

“I’m ready.” He was. The moment his skin started to feel too tight, every thought in his head turned toward moments like this.

Ken circled him, slowly, fingers tracing a line from Daisuke’s lips to his cheek and down his neck, to his back and down his spine. He stood back there, fingers moving now across Daisuke’s shoulders. Daisuke whimpered softly at the touches, each one stoking the fires within him to greater heights.

Inside their bags rested a smaller bag, one with a dozen useful items for moments like this. Daisuke made certain it was within reach as soon as they picked this set of rooms. Now Ken reached for it, still keeping one hand on Daisuke. Breaking the contact now would serve no purpose for either of them.

Both of them hoped dinner wouldn’t happen too soon. Daisuke wasn’t going to be ready for that for at least a while.

To Be Continued

Notes: Question time. Should I upgrade the rating to Mature and go into more detail when intimate times like this happen? Because I think I've made it clear that more of these will happen, with varing degrees and reasons for consent.


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